Noisy brakes? Having trouble stopping?

The brake system on your vehicle is of the utmost importance as unsafe, worn brakes can cost you your life and those around you. Please don't take any risks in this area.

While at CTP we check your brakes wear during a service as a part of the safety check, this is not the case with all workshops, so if you have any doubt or concerns get them checked. Not getting your brakes regularly serviced can cause the following issues to occur:

  • Increasing noise or squealing when using the brakes.
  • Slower stopping capacity resulting in a higher risk of a collision which you would ultimately be liable for and any injuries would be on your concience.
  • No brake pads results in metal on metal which is that squealing noise. Friction like this will finally mean when you do go for repairs the rotors and possibly more deeper parts will need to be replaced before their time would normally have been up.
  • Unsafe brakes are a roadworthy requirement. If you get pulled over and the police inspect your vehicle they will see it and defect your vehicle.
  • Brake pads are varying in cost and quality, so talk to us about your requirements and finances and we will do all we can to accomadate and keep you safe.

Tyres and Brakes go hand in hand. Both truly important for the safety of you and the people around you, especially in the weather conditions we experience here in Australia, and in particular the Goulburn Valley.

At CTP we can special order your tyres if you want something specific,or you can browse our range and discuss what you want or need.

The importance of good tyres on your car also affects other parts of your vehicle:

  • Different size tyres can affect the computers full operational capacity, especially stability control.
  • Worn tyres will obviously not grip to road surface therefor making the possibility of an accident more likely and the danger increases in wet or icy conditions.
  • Most people think that the hot weather provides a better grip to the road, logic dictate that the heat softens the rubber and therefor becomes more adhesive. What doesn't get considered is older tyres that appear okay but are actually no longer effective due to hardening and loss of elasticity, this will result in a blowout in the hot weather. This becomes even more dangerous, anyone who has experienced a tyre blowing out at 110km an hour will understand. Mechanics refer to this as a perished state, and you may look at tyres and think they are fine, but keep in mind if you don't drive a lot tyres have a life span of 2 years.
  • We stock small truck tyres and trailer tyres also, these can be fitted on our premises up to 22 inch rims.
  • Performance tyres are also available, for quotes on specialty tyres give us a call and we will get the best price we can!

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