CTP Automotive are proud to be one of Shell Helix's authorised service centres. What does this mean for you?

  • If your car is under 130,000 km you are eligible for the limited Shell engine warranty.
  • You don't have to use Shell oil in your car, we are still independent and work for you the customer, however it is good to know that only the best oils will go into your vehicle each service and Shell is willing to back that up with their warranty.
  • Luxury vehicles are catered for as Shell has approved oils for over 3000 makes and models.
  • Shell provides us with all the most up to date information on a huge range of vehicles, meaning we understand your car just a bit better.

CTP Automotive are VACC members, and for you this means:

  • You can bring in your new car for scheduled servicing and it has no detrimental effect on your warranty, regardless of what the dealer tells you at the time of purchase. And if you have any doubt we will contact the dealership for you and re-affirm.
  • Your car is safe while in our possession, with insurance provided by VACC we take every precaution with your pride & joy keeping it safe while repairs are being undertaken. This includes photographs at the time of drop off.
  • VACC works with our appretice tech to make sure they are doing whats needed to learn their trade properly and in a timely manner.
  • VACC also give us information on time frames that it should take to complete a repair or service on vehicle, so if you ever get worried when your mechanic is stuck with another customer while servicing your car, please do not. At the completion of each job the recommendation is looked at prior to making up an invoice and it is worked off that.
  • A representative from VACC regularly comes through the workshop to ensure we are always at our best, both equipment and education.
  • All the latest equipment including diagnostics are on premises so there is no hit and miss approach here.

Pricing is always the big question!

The truth is we could tell you that a service starts at a certain price working off the cheapest car to service and a minor service, however we would rather you give us a call or drop in with your cars details so we can provide an accurate estimate for your vehicle. There are varying service requirements as per your service book, there will be minor services and major services and during each service a safety check will be performed which may show up problems with the car that need to be attended to. Please note that no extra work is carried out on any vehicle unless the customer has given approval. Also at the completion of each service a list of any future issues developing will be listed so you can ensure that they get fixed prior to causing any major problems. Of course any immediate safety concerns will be conveyed to you as just that so that the problem can be rectified ASAP due to safety reasons.

Please give us a call on 0358253253 or drop in to 15 Toolamba Rd Mooroopna Vic 3629

You can generally find out where your services are up to by checking the service book in the glove box of your car, however if this is not there or hasn't been kept up to date we can look up your vehicle and enter the km travelled and we will get all the information we need, to get your car back up to date and where it should be. I also encourage you to check out the new Shell limited engine warranty on vehicles under 130000 km as it provides a free warranty and gives you an extra peace of mind after each and every service. For more information on this just google Shell Helix engine warranty Australia and all the information you need is right there.

As with all workshops our policy is payment on completion, this way we can offer competitive pricing and comply with VACC regulations.